A PATHWAY 3G Modular Access System leading up to the front door of a house, with a motorized scooter on the ramp's resting platform

Finding the Right Ramp for Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you or a loved one struggling with accessibility in your home? Whether you have concerns for your own mobility needs or the needs of someone else, a ramp can be a great solution for navigating stairs or other obstacles. Finding the right ramp to accommodate wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and canes can make all the difference in ensuring a safe and smooth transition around your home. But before you choose just any ramp, consider the following important factors to ensure that you're choosing the most suitable ramp for your home:

Temporary or Permanent Use?

One of the first and most significant things to consider is whether you require the ramp for temporary or permanent use. If you're planning to use it only for a limited period, such as for visiting guests or during recovery from an illness or surgery, a portable or threshold ramp might offer the best solution. For more long-term use or for individuals who need it regularly, a semi-permanent ramp may be the best option.

What Will the Ramp Be Used for?

The purpose of the ramp is another essential factor to consider. Will you be using it for indoor or outdoor use? Will it be used to access the front or back entrance of your home? Do you need the ramp to allow for access to a porch, deck, or other areas? These are all vital questions that will help determine the specific type of ramp you will need.

Who Will Be Using the Ramp?

Consider the individual(s) who will be using the ramp. Their mobility capabilities and requirements should be taken into account to ensure their safety and stability while using the ramp. The slope, width, and weight capacity of the ramp will also be affected by their mobility level and the type of mobility device they use.

Where Will the Ramp Go?

Another vital factor to consider is where you will place the ramp. Whether it's a few steps or a raised doorway, the height of the obstacle will determine the necessary length of the ramp and its incline. The height of obstacles that the ramp will need to overcome and the space available will determine the length and type of ramp needed. It's essential to ensure that the ramp fits the available space and doesn't create additional accessibility challenges. The location of the ramp should also be easily accessible and provide sufficient clearance for individuals using the ramp.

In conclusion, finding the right ramp for your home requires careful consideration. Assessing the ramp's purpose, duration of use, intended users, and location will help identify the most suitable ramp for your needs. Need some help selecting the right ramp for your home? EZ-ACCESS® has designed a Ramp Selector tool to help narrow down your ramp selection and show you only the ramps that match your requirements.

Whether you need an angled entry mat for a raised threshold, a modular ramp to overcome steps at your front door, or need a portable solution that you can take wherever you go, EZ-ACCESS has you covered. Give us a call today!

The Power of Ramps: Why it’s Okay to Need One

The Power of Ramps: Why it’s Okay to Need One