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EZ-ACCESS® Tools for Dealers: Revolutionizing Ramp System Sales

Are you a Durable Medical Equipment provider looking to enhance your ramp system sales? Look no further than EZ-ACCESS® and our suite of powerful tools designed to make your life easier and your sales soar. In this blog post, we'll dive into the various features and benefits of our EZ-ACCESS Dealer Portal and EZ-VIZION ramp configuration tool, providing you with a comprehensive overview of how these tools can transform your business.

Dealer Portal: Your Gateway to Success

At the heart of our EZ-ACCESS dealer toolbox is the Dealer Portal, a centralized hub brimming with resources catered specifically to our valued dealers. This comprehensive platform offers a wide range of features, including a 24/7 ramp system quoting tool. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily generate accurate quotes for your customers, anytime, anywhere, in a matter of minutes. This convenience empowers you to better serve your customers, providing timely and efficient solutions to their ramp system needs.

EZ-VIZION: Customization and Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Our EZ-VIZION ramp configuration tool is a game-changer for dealers in the field. This powerful tool allows you to quickly and easily design both residential and commercial-grade modular ramp layouts with a simple drag-and-drop method. With EZ-VIZION, you can visualize different ramp configurations, ensuring that your customers receive the most suitable and efficient options.

Features and Benefits: Unleash the Power of EZ-ACCESS Tools

Now that you are acquainted with our stellar tools, let's dive into the incredible features and benefits they offer:

· Simplified Quoting Process:  Say goodbye to manual calculations and complicated spreadsheets. Let us do the math for you. Our tools allow you to utilize the shopping cart feature, enabling you to effortlessly add other items such as portable and threshold ramps to your customer's quote. This comprehensive approach ensures that all their needs are met in one go.

· Access to Essential Resources:  Gain access to a treasure trove of product resources, training materials, and marketing assets through the Dealer Portal. Stay updated with the latest industry trends, acquire in-depth product knowledge, and empower your sales team with the necessary tools to succeed.

· Streamlined Order Management:  Keep track of your order history and tracking information effortlessly. Our tools provide you with a centralized platform to monitor your sales, ensuring a seamless order management experience for you and your team.

· Personalized Branding:  Make your quotes stand out by uploading your company logo for inclusion. This personal touch not only adds a professional touch to your quotes but also reinforces your brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

· Flexibility in Pricing:  Set your default margin structure for quotes and adjust it as needed. Our tools empower you to customize pricing according to your business requirements, offering you the flexibility to stay competitive in the market.

· Instant Quoting:  Speed is of the essence when it comes to those in need of ramping. With our tools, you can instantly quote and select your desired freight, ensuring quick and accurate pricing information for your customers.

· Effortless Order Conversion:  Need to convert a quote into an order? No problem! Our tools allow you to convert quotes to orders with just one click, streamlining the sales process and saving you valuable time.

· Dynamic Layout Adjustments:  Changes in customer requirements? No worries!Our tools enable you to make adjustments to layouts and quotes seamlessly. Stayagile and adaptable, offering your customers the most accurate and up-to-datesolutions.

· Team Collaboration:  Set up your team with appropriate permissions to do layouts and quotes. Our tools foster collaboration, ensuring that your entire team can contribute to the sales process, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

· Simplified Ramp Designs:  Designing residential and commercial-grade modular ramp layouts has never been easier. Our tools offer a simple drag-and-drop method, allowing you to quickly create visually appealing and functional ramp configurations.

· Enhanced Customer Experience:  Impress your customers by providing complete ramp layouts in .pdf format during home evaluations. This valuable visualization tool helps your customers understand the potential outcome, building trust and confidence in your solutions.

· Real-time Quotes:  Time is money, and with our tools, you can provide customer-facing quotes with pricing on-site in a matter of minutes. This instantaneous service demonstrates your dedication to customer satisfaction, leaving a positive impression on your clients.

Embrace the Future of Ramp System Sales

The EZ-ACCESS Dealer Portal and the innovative ramp configuration tool, EZ-VIZION, are game-changers, empowering you to revolutionize your ramp system sales and exceed your customers' expectations. With a comprehensive set of features and benefits, these tools will streamline your quoting process, enhance team collaboration, and provide an unparalleled user experience.

If you haven't explored our new Dealer Portal or tried our groundbreaking ramp configuration tool, EZ-VIZION, please contact our dedicated inbox at Our team is ready to guide you personally or send you training videos to help you familiarize yourself with these useful tools.

Embrace the future of ramp system sales and unlock your true potential as a dealer. Join the ranks of successful dealers who have already harnessed the power of these amazing tools. Start your journey today!

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