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Easing Into Recovery at Home

The recovery process from surgery or injury can be a stressful and strenuous process. Even the easiest tasks can be a battle when surgery recovery hinders your mobility. Are you worried about what you can do take make the healing process a seamless one? Fret no more and look at these recovery hacks!

Prepping the Bedroom: If your bedroom isn’t on the main floor of your home, we recommend setting up camp downstairs for the duration of recovery. Before surgery, go ahead and get everything you think you may need, from pillows, blankets, chargers, to other necessities in order to make your new, temporary bedroom comfortable. If you plan on recovering in your room make sure all the items you think you’ll need are within arm’s reach to prevent strain.

Getting over the Threshold: If you plan on using a wheelchair, walker, or scooter, getting over a threshold can be an obstacle. An EZ-ACCESS portable ramp can help ease some of the difficulties of recovery. With many different residential ramp options, you can find and configure the ramp that will work best for your home.

Don’t be Shy, Ask for Help: Remember, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. Having someone there to help you after surgery can be a huge asset. Although prepping will provide some relief, unexpected things happen and having an extra set of hands to help you get around can be a life saver.

Splish-Splash: If your surgery or injury leaves you unable to access your shower or bath, our EZ-BATHE Body Washing Basin or EZ-SHAMPOO Hair Washing Tray might be the solution you’re looking for.

Hazard: Another pre-surgery prep task you can do is take a quick inventory of all the trip hazards in your home. This includes power cords, rugs, and uneven surfaces. Temporarily removing rugs, tying up cords and utilizing threshold ramps can prevent slips, trips, and falls. A little work ahead of time will save you a headache in the long run. By following these tips, hopefully your recovery process will be easy and more comfortable. To learn about more products we have that can ease you back into home life, contact us today!

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