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Custom Configuration Ideas for Commercial Ramp Systems

Custom configured commercial ramps. Say that three times fast!

While saying it may be a bit of a tongue twister, our commercial-grade modular ramp systems are specifically engineered for easy configuration and customization. After working with our expert Customer Service team to determine the needs of a location, pre-assembled ramp parts are sent to the location where experts can install the ramp right away. Take a look at a few different ways that EZ-ACCESS customers have taken advantage of the easy-to-install custom ramps.

Trampoline Park

If you have never been to a trampoline park, you are missing out! A trampoline park is when an entire floor is made out of individual trampolines and sometimes the walls are even trampolines as well. The design trick of this recreational activity is that the trampoline “floor” is elevated off of the original floor of the building. The elevated floor requires a safe and inclusive way to access the park, which is where the TITAN™ Code Compliant Modular Access System comes in. We were able to provide a custom ramp for the park’s customers to access the play area, with rails along the side for safety when customers are on the elevated areas.

Warehouse Entrance

At our EZ-ACCESS warehouse in Algona, Washington, the concrete steps to our employee entrance were starting to crumble. While concrete is a durable option for access into public spaces and buildings, eventually it will breakdown due to weather and the average wear and tear from continual use. We chose to replace the steps for the employee entrance with a set of our very own TITAN steps, because they’re a safe, long-lasting solution that will support the regular traffic in and out of the warehouse.

Ferris Wheel

We were asked to create an expansive platform for Ferris wheel riders, as well as a stable way to access the elevated surface of the ride. In order to accomplish this, we laid out a series of platforms right below the wheel for riders to easily enter and exit the gondolas. Then we put together a series of wide ramps that allows for easy entry up to the platform for individuals of all mobility levels, as well as gives a place for people to wait safely in line.

Waterfront Access

One customer needed to replace a long set of steps leading down to a marina. The original steps were made out of wood, which were beginning to rot and deteriorate due to their proximity to the water as well as the natural climate of the Pacific Northwest. To create a safer entrance that would last longer under the conditions, we replaced the wood steps with a long series of aluminum steps with handrails for extra support.

If you have any questions about custom ramp configurations for a location, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team.

We’re all about tackling big challenges to create safe solutions for individuals of all abilities to access places of work and recreation!

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