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COVID-19 Response: Quick Aluminum Access Solutions Fit for Your Needs

COVID-19 access solutions are in high demand as additional spaces and facility retrofits are being implemented across the country.

Buildings are being transformed to become pop-up testing and treatment centers, convention centers and concert venues are being converted to overflow hospitals, and additional spaces to allow greater social distancing and separation of people are being set up at schools, work sites, and more.

All of these accommodations elicit a means of easy access for the individuals entering and exiting. We are your trusted partner for aluminum ramps, platforms, and stairs, all of which can be combined and configured to meet your location’s exact specifications and needs.

Outdoor ramp system for treatment center


This building in Boston, MA was turned into a pop-up treatment center and needed a code-compliant access solution to accommodate its high point of entry.


We were able to configure a double turn back ramp system that reached the main entrance.


The Colorado Convention Center was converted into an overflow hospital. Several temporary hospital rooms were constructed and mobile restroom and shower stations were brought in. These portable units are elevated off the ground and needed to be accessed by individuals of all abilities.


By connecting several platforms together, we created a deck system that spanned the length of the units, which allowed ample space to enter and exit each of the stalls. We then put a ramp at one end for ease of access to and from these amenities.


Ramp system for temporary hospital rooms

Employee office ramp systems to trailers


We are seeing many instances where additional spaces are being created out of modular buildings. This job site had a series of units brought in for greater employee separation and their elevated entrances required access.


We provided two OSHA stair systems per building. These can be set up in a matter of minutes and can easily be moved to the next site after these units move on to a new location.

We understand that this pandemic has kept everyone on their toes. On some days, it seems like requirements are changing by the hour. We are all constantly learning and reacting to the situations we have been presented with, and it’s all about quick response times and continual preparation along the way.

Because many businesses, factories, and alike are not operable at this time, procurement has been a challenge. We are here to help ease this burden for any and all aluminum access projects that you may have or need during this time.  

Our manufacturing and distribution plants have been working diligently to ensure that our customers receive what they need in a timely fashion. We have stock ready and available for whatever unique situation you encounter.

warehouse of ramp products

The great thing about the modularity and material of our product is that it can be configured to fit your location’s exact specifications, can be assembled quickly, can move from location-to-location, and can withstand substantial traffic, weather, and other environmental factors.

Contact us today if you have a project that requires any sort of access solution. Standard product ships just 24-48 hours after purchase so we can get you what you need, where and when you need it delivered.

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