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Cool Halloween Costume Ideas for Children in Wheelchairs

Halloween is a time to be creative. You can go the spooky, goofy or beauty route, but either way, the options are limitless. If your child will navigate the trick-or-treat festivities while using a wheelchair, there are many ways to join the fun. Here are a few of our favorite Halloween costume ideas that seamlessly incorporate a wheelchair into the theme.

Hand drawn illustration of a Dragon Wheelchair Costume

Riding a Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon* is a popular children’s movie about a misfit boy who would rather fly on a dragon than fight them – as per his village’s tradition. With a little bit of imagination, you can turn your child’s wheelchair into a dragon they can ride! Fasten the head of the dragon on the front of the wheelchair with wings coming out of the side. Once the project is finished, your child is ready to fly!

Hand drawn illustration of a Mario style cart Wheelchair Costume

Mario Kart**

This classic video game lends an iconic Halloween costume to any fan. If your child wants to speed down the street like they’re on Rainbow Road**, gather a few different sizes of cardboard boxes to create the costume. Secure a larger box on the outside of the wheelchair, be sure not to obstruct movement of the wheels, and use the smaller box to add car features to the outfit. After you paint the car and find a red hat, you have one final touch: the mustache.

Hand drawn illustration of a princess carriage wheelchair costume

Cinderella in Her Carriage***

Cinderella is possibly the most recognizable Disney princess, which is convenient because she may be the easiest character to mimic. You can put your child’s hair in a bun on top of their head or buy a wig online. Don’t forget about the blue dress! Once you have those staple features, fasten hula-hoops to both sides of the wheelchair with sheer fabric wrapped around them. Cut a shape out of the fabric to act as a window and you have it! A stunning Cinderella looking lovely as she rides in her carriage.

Hand drawn illustration of a Mystery Machine style wheelchair costume

The Scooby Doo Mystery Machine****

The construction of this costume is similar to Mario Kart. Find a cardboard box that is large enough to place over your child and their wheelchair. Cut out a front window and two side windows so your child can see in all directions, and paint the box to match the mystery machine. The tricky part with this one is figuring out where the arms go. Before you finalize the costume, make sure your child feels comfortable with how the box is situated.

A child in a wheelchair can wear any costume, but using their wheelchair as part of the costume is a great way to let your child incorporate this essential piece of equipment. You can also look on Pinterest to find more DIY ideas for unique costumes. Remember, anything is possible if you just add a little creativity to the mix. Happy trick-or-treating and stay safe!

*How to Train Your Dragon is not a product of EZ-ACCESS. All rights belong to DreamWorks Animation. **Mario Kart is not a product of EZ-ACCESS. All rights belong to Nintendo. ***Cinderella is not a product of EZ-ACCESS. All rights belong to Disney. ****Scooby Doo is not a product of EZ-ACCESS. All rights belong to Warner Bros. Animation.

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