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Behind the Scenes on the Sales Team

In the access industry, the last thing a company should be thinking about is closing a deal. The priority of the sales process should be ensuring the customer is getting the right product to open pathways to a fuller life. At EZ-ACCESS®, our exemplary Sales team focuses on one thing: helping customers select the right access solutions to break mobility barriers. Whether it’s a homeowner looking to install a residential ramp or a business aiming to surpass ADA requirements, our Sales team makes it happen. We’re highlighting three of those team members today to celebrate their dedication to a more accessible world!

Jason Hendrickson, CAPS

National Vice President of Sales – E-commerce

Born and raised in Montana, Jason Hendrickson has achieved a successful career in sales, with experience working for renowned companies like Nordstrom, United Air Temp, and G.S. Long. Along with his degree from the University of Montana, he brings a wealth of expertise to his role and has proven to be a valuable asset to EZ-ACCESS since joining the team in 2020. 

Currently residing in Washington State, Jason is passionate about people and building strong relationships. With a proven track record of consistently achieving positive results, Jason's expertise lies in effectively addressing customers’ needs for accessibility ramps and other solutions to deliver successful outcomes. He understands that in the world of sales, it's natural for buyers to have some level of apprehension. To help ease that, Jason proactively addresses any reservations and provides comprehensive solutions to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience for every customer. For him, it's not just about making a sale and moving on; it's about nurturing long-lasting relationships that benefit everyone.

Jasons’s success is owed in part to his ability to maintain an optimistic and upbeat sales attitude. He understands the importance of listening attentively to the needs of buyers, making him excellent at truly meeting their needs. Jason's unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences has earned him a stellar reputation in the industry. 

Jason is grateful to be a part of EZ-ACCESS, a remarkable family-run company. He values the organization's corporate culture, emphasis on team-building, and strong sense of family within the company. He takes pride in EZ-ACCESS' superior products and unmatched service, helping customers overcome barriers to mobility access. As a driven and dedicated sales professional, Jason Hendrickson is honored to contribute to EZ-ACCESS' mission of enriching lives by providing access to life beyond barriers. 

Scott Crosswhite, CAPS, CEAC, CHAMP 

National Vice President of Sales – Home Healthcare

Scott Crosswhite’s strong track record of success in the home healthcare industry is one of many accomplishments. Since joining EZ-ACCESS in 2017, he has consistently demonstrated his expertise in sales leadership and his ability to build and support high-performing sales teams. 

With a career spanning over 20 years in the Home Healthcare Industry, Scott has always been driven by his passion for helping others and his commitment to supporting his team members in achieving their goals. He firmly believes in the power of building strong relationships with customers, providing them with an honest and dedicated sales experience that makes them feel valued and supported. 

Scott's success can be attributed to his unwavering dedication to treating everyone he works with, including customers and colleagues, with respect and integrity. He believes in leading by example and understands the importance of being a trusted partner in the business decisions of his clients. 

Choosing to work at EZ-ACCESS was an easy decision for Scott. The company’s focus on improving the lives of individuals with healthcare challenges aligns perfectly with his personal and professional goals. EZ-ACCESS provides him with the opportunity to help those in need regain their mobility and the freedom to live life beyond barriers. 

Scott Crosswhite is a valuable asset to EZ-ACCESS, where his professionalism, extensive experience, and genuine passion make a difference every day. 

Dan Radacosky, CAPS, CEAC, CHAMP 

Regional Vice President of Sales – Home Healthcare – West Region

With over a decade as a professional in the personal mobility and accessibility industries, Dan Radacosky is a recognized leader in these fields. His expertise and knowledge of wheelchair ramps and other solutions make him one of the most sought-after trainers and experts on accessibility. 

Dan's educational background enhances his professional achievements. He holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated magna cum laude, and a Juris Doctor from Duquesne University School of Law. This unique combination of business and legal expertise enables him to navigate complex sales negotiations with finesse. 

Since joining EZ-ACCESS in 2018, Dan has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and sales acumen. His dedication to the company's mission of providing accessibility solutions such as aluminum ramps is evident in his unwavering commitment to helping individuals overcome barriers and gain access to a more fulfilling life.

Throughout his career, Dan has exhibited exceptional sales prowess by consistently driving revenue growth and building strong customer relationships. He takes great pride in his work, particularly in creating training videos and presentations for the company's products and technological tools. It’s one example of his exceptional communication skills and ability to share his expertise with a wider audience.

A highly accomplished salesperson and accessibility advocate, Dan Radacosky consistently delivers outstanding results. His commitment to EZ-ACCESS alongside his passion for helping people overcome barriers makes us fortunate to have him as part of the company and the accessibility market as a whole. 

These three individuals are just a fraction of the team at EZ-ACCESS, but they represent the mission and dedication of everyone here. Whether they support us in sales, manufacturing, R&D, or customer service, every individual here is dedicated to making sure mobility never limits opportunity. We’re proud of each and every member of this team, and we can’t wait for you to meet them when you choose EZ-ACCESS solutions.

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