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Bathroom Safety Tips for Elderly Individuals

Seniors are the highest risk group for injuries in the bathroom. According to the National Council on Aging, an elderly person is treated in the emergency room for an injury caused by a fall every 11 seconds. Every 19 minutes, an elderly person dies as a result of a fall injury. People over 65 are at risk for falls, but there are preventative measures that you can take to help reduce the risk. EZ-ACCESSs has several solutions to help prevent falls, but one area that we are going to hone in on is bathroom safety devices and tips for making sure you are staying safe in your bathroom.

Bathroom Safety Tips

There are more hazards in the bathroom than most people realize. These things are what can lead to a serious, and even fatal injury. By following some bathroom safety tips for seniors, you can do your part to help prevent a bathroom injury from happening. Let’s look at some bathroom safety tips for the elderly.

  • Make sure the bathroom floor is always dry to prevent slips and falls.
  • Use rugs that are non-slip in front of the bathtub, shower, and sink.
  • There should be grab bars installed in an elderly person’s bathroom. These not only help them stand up from a sitting position, but they can also help them steady themselves if they slip and start to fall.
  • Always use a nightlight in the bathroom. When you are tired and navigating the dark, you’re more likely to trip or misjudge your footing and fall.
  • An easy-to-reach toilet paper holder is always a great addition so they don’t have to overextend their reach for it and fall.
  • You may also consider a raised toilet seat if necessary. The sit-to-stand motion for many elderly people that have lower extremity weakness, diminished balance, or joint pain can be hard on their body.
  • Make sure there are no towels or dirty laundry on the floor. You want to make sure the bathroom is clear of all obstacles.
  • If they need a shower chair, make sure you put a non-slip padded rug under the chair.

You wouldn’t think there would be so many bathroom safety tips for the elderly, but the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house.

To check out the bathroom safety devices that EZ-ACCESS has to offer, visit You can also call Customer Service at 800-451-1903 to speak with their knowledgeable and friendly staff.

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