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Bathroom Safety Devices for Seniors

Addressing a limitation like immobility leads to concerns about making adjustments to living quarters and spaces to accommodate specific needs.

Safety equipment for seniors and disabled persons doesn't necessarily have to involve drastic renovations or additions to the house. However, each room should be addressed, especially those that are frequented more than others and present more of a safety hazard. For example, even if carpeted, the bathroom is not a place to stumble or fall and land on something plush and accident-friendly. 

The NY Times quotes CDC statistics that claim bathroom injuries significantly increase at age 55-60, and sharply rise with age. This study also supports findings that seniors, those 55 years of age and older, are more likely to suffer injuries while using the toilet. Nearly 14 percent of these injuries require hospitalization. 

The good news is that a toilet can be adjusted and other activities usually performed in the bathroom can be carried out safely with the help of bathroom safety devices. The standard height of a toilet is 15 inches. The average height of a chair is eighteen inches. Three or four inches makes a tremendous difference when struggling to regain balance and stability. Sitting at and getting up from this angle can be an effort for healthy young people of average height and weight. This effort is compounded for seniors and people with disabilities. 

Using a toilet that is higher than standard may prove an easier task, but getting up can still be a problem. Elderly and disabled with restricted mobility and strength may still be vulnerable to falls or injury sustained while straining to get up. 

Getting up safely requires a combination of support and leverage. Sitting too low to the floor, even for short periods of time, makes for a difficult time getting up and attempting to stand. Assistance with this leverage must come from the front or the side to pull up or from behind with a push to access a better height for leverage with the legs.

Simple, practical ideas are best for initial solutions to problems. The simple, practical solution to the problem of limited mobility is devices, not demolition. Devices can transform or replace your facilities to accommodate the changing needs of your household. The bathroom safety products can also simplify and enhance the help provided by a caregiver. 

EZ-ACCESS offers a number of assistive devices that can help make for safe and easy bathroom usage. 

The TILT® Toilet Incline Lift lifts and lowers individuals on and off the toilet with the push of a button. Its many features create a secure toileting experience for seniors and others with limited mobility.

  • Compatible with elongated and round bowls 14” to 21” in height
  • Suitable for users 5’2” to 6’4” in height and 325 pounds or less in weight
  • Lightweight, easy and quick to install directly to the bowl, easy to clean
  • Designed to facilitate transfers from mobility devices
  • Handheld push button controller raises and lowers user 7 ½” to and from standing and sitting positions at the user’s natural pace
  • Non-slip hand grips for confident lowering and raising on and off the seat
  • Provides a confident and private experience

The Universal Bather conveniently provides a place for all your personal care products that you may need before, during, or after bathing. It can be attached to a chair using nylon straps or mounted on a wall with suction cups for better access according to your needs. The mesh design allows for quick drainage and drying.

The EZ-BATHE® Body Washing Basin is a soft and comfortable inflatable tub that provides efficient bathing in a safer environment than tile floors, porcelain tubs, and chrome fixtures. The basin is quite simply designed to be the tub away from the bathroom that offers the exact same uses. You can simply unroll, inflate, and fill the tub around the individual to provide a convenient in-bed bath that helps to eliminate any difficult and/or unsafe transfers and usage of the home’s bathtub or shower.

  • Comfortable for up to 6’2” body frame and fits on standard and hospital beds
  • Wet/dry vacuum included for inflating and deflating
  • 25’ hoses for water supply and drainage
  • Optional drainage for soaking and constant running water for hand-held shower head use
  • Double tubing for sound structure to help keep water in basin
  • Built-in inflatable pillow for optimal comfort 

The EZ-SHAMPOO® Hair Washing Basin and the EZ-SHOWER Bedside Shower work together to provide less stressful hair care for the individual and their caregiver by allowing the shower and shampoo to come to the user. They are both portable, durable, and convenient. 

The Basin is:

  • Inflatable, lightweight, and designed with double tubing to help contain water
  • Easy drainage with 30” hose equipped with one-way stopper
  • Built-in adjustable headrest and secure support for head and shoulders

The Shower:

  • Provides 2 ½ gallons of water where no water is available
  • Is a heavy-duty bag that may be hung from a bedpost or IV pole
  • Has controlled water flow through a 2’ hose with on/off switch
  • Features a built-in handle for easy transport

The EZ-SHAMPOO® Hair Washing Tray is designed for a shampoo in a seated position. It features:

  • Contoured shape to comfortably accommodate neck, back, and shoulders
  • A design that significantly reduces strain for client and caregiver
  • Security straps for stabilization
  • Raised edges to prevent water from spilling over

Each of these helpful bathroom safety devices helps to create a more comfortable, convenient, and secure environment for both user and caregiver. If you have any questions about how you can implement one of these devices in your home or the home of a loved one, reach out to the team at EZ-ACCESS.

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