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Benefits of Handrails on Solid Surface Portable Ramps

Did you know that falls account for roughly two-thirds of all accidents involving mobility issues? And that falling is the fifth leading cause of death for those who have mobility problems? Those figures are very startling, so it stands to reason that we should make it possible for people with mobility problems to navigate challenging areas. You may invest in the best mobility devices and equipment, but without something as simple as a handrail, the person you think you're helping may be missing one thing; a place to hold on to. As we all call them, handrails are rails intended to be gripped by the hand to offer stability or support. Railings are widely used to avoid dangerous accidents while ascending or descending on various surfaces, and for those needing help getting off chairs, beds, or bathroom areas can benefit a lot. Let's look at the role of handrails on Solid Surface Portable Ramps.

Role of handrails on Solid Surface Portable Ramps

With handrails, many people tend to take them for granted and many don't notice them until they're in a position where they need them. As simple as they may seem, handrails can save you from falling, particularly if you have mobility issues. Just like on any surface that may pose a navigation challenge to people with mobility issues, solid surface ramps are also designed with handrails to offer support. When investing in a portable ramp, make sure it comes with handrails for safety. 

So, how do handrails help on Solid Surface Portable Ramps?

Help with balance

People with mobility issues are at a higher risk of losing balance or suffering temporary weakness, and this may lead to falling. If they fall, they may be lucky to suffer a few bruises, but we all know that the consequences can be dire, especially if they fall on dangerous surfaces. However, when handrails are present, the victim of a fatal fall may have something to cling to. Handrails provide stability which people with mobility issues need much of.

Prevents dangerous falls

Those on wheelchairs can benefit from handrails as these structures can prevent the wheelchair from slipping off the rail, an event that can cause serious injury or even death. For caregivers, handrails are essential in providing support as they push patients along. The potential of slipping and falling while pushing a heavy patient is minimized if you have handrails close by to hold on to if your foot loses grip for any reason.

Offer peace of mind

Patients tend to feel safer when they move up or down a ramp with handrails as they know that they will be there if needed. You also don't want to leave your patient to drive his or her mobility scooter down a ramp with no handrails. 

For safety and peace of mind, you can purchase a solid surface portable ramp such as the GATEWAY™ 3G from EZ-ACCESS, which has two handrail options that you can choose from; either two-line or vertical picket handrails.

  • Two-line handrails feature smooth, continuous top rails - which are welded for extra strength and durability - and a lower second rail offers an additional gripping surface.
  • Vertical picket handrails feature smooth, continuous top rails with vertical pickets that offer an added level of safety, especially for children and pets. Pickets meet the 4-inch sphere rule for spacing.

Provide safety during harsh weather

During harsh weather, such as rain, snow, ice, and sleet, both the portable ramp and the ground under it will become slippery and difficult to walk. Handrails offer safety by providing a place to hold on to in case of a slip or fall event. Aluminum handrails are the best because the material can be welded into a smooth and continuous surface with adequate grip compared to plastic or wooden railings.

Taking care of your handrails to reap the benefits

Just as handrails are important on the portable solid surface ramp, they need to be taken care of. First, you need to make sure they are firm and can support a reasonable weight. Loose handrails can be a safety concern. If you notice that your handrails are not firmly attached to the surface, you need to fix them immediately.

GATEWAY™ 3G Solid Surface Portable Ramps have handrails that are made of heavy-duty aluminum and can withstand adverse weather conditions. Unlike wood handrails, they are smooth and you will not have to worry about splinters or deterioration. Despite the relatively low maintenance required, the railings do need to be cleaned from time to time. Remember not to use aggressive alkaline or acidic solutions as they can damage the ramp over time.

As you can see, handrails can be a very helpful addition to your portable ramp. Although some people don't care about handrails, there is no doubt that their presence offers confidence and safety. At EZ-ACCESS, we care about your accessibility solutions. This is why we provide various options, including portable solid surface ramps with and without railings, depending on your needs. For more information about portable ramps, contact us today!

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