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3 Steps to Adding Our Ramp Configurations to Your Design Documents

As a contractor, your clients rely on you to be trustworthy, accurate, and reasonable with your recommendations.

That’s why it’s important that you do your research before placing a bid submission. At EZ-ACCESS, we want to make it easy to add our all-aluminum, commercial ramps and steps to your design documents, and give your clients accurate expectations for a bid. Below we’ve provided a few ways you can add our modular ramp configurations to your design document for optimum accessibility.

Step 1

Download Our Design Documents

We recently added a way for you to download drawings of our ramp systems straight to your own device. You can refer to the drawings as you start to have conversations with potential clients. The drawings can provide you with a concept of our modular ramp system’s capabilities, specifications of the ramp and specific codes met by the ramp. This will allow you to have all the necessary details available during your discussions with buyers, businesses, county code officials, etc. Below are a few snippets of information you may find helpful as you have those conversations.

All ramp systems are IBC, ADA, and OSHA code compliant.

We use 6000 series aluminum alloy (6061-T6 and 6005-T5.)

Rated load for ramps and platforms: minimum live load of 100 pounds per square foot and a concentrated vertical load of 300 pounds.

For further specification questions see our TITAN™ technical specifications document.

Step 2

Decide on the Details

Once you find out exactly what your customer is looking for, we suggest you sketch out your ideas to show us exactly what you need. Better yet, if you have drawings that you would like to submit to us, that works, too!

After submitting your needed layout to our customer service team, they can provide a quote within one business day, depending on the depth and amount of necessary customizations.

Step 3

Consider Customizations

Customization requests for our commercial ramp systems are pretty common. Our customer service team is happy to work with you on any specific changes that need to be made to accommodate the location you’re working on. To give you an idea of what we can do, we’ve provided a few of the most common ways we customize our ramps.

Custom ramp width – our standard widths are 48” and 54,” but we can accommodate other widths outside of those two options.

Custom incline of the ramp – we normally operate on a 1:12 slope, but we can go all the way up to 1:20, which requires some modifications to our starter ramp and potential modifications to the angle of our pickets.

Custom step riser heights – our standard riser height is 6”, however we can accommodate other riser heights. The following heights are our standard step offerings: 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 54", and 60", but we are capable of customization outside of that range.

Once you communicate your needs with our team...

We typically get a quote to you within in one business day – depending on the customizations. That quote will provide itemized materials with costs, freight cost and a drawing. You can use this drawing directly on your final design documents for a client proposal.

Already have a design in mind?

Contact one of our Project Coordinators today to get started.

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